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White is a colour too!

White is a colour too

Somehow in the past we have, by a kind of mutual consent, agreed to give each other a colour code. You can argue about the correctness of the colour classification but we agreed on white, black, brown, even yellow. Why then do we accept it when some people are referred to as “people of colour” …

Dutch BLM Movement

I am not racist is not the same as we are not racists!

I wrote this before and will repeat it. The fact that I don’t discriminate does not mean we don’t discriminate. So when people talk about their experiences, listen first. Hear them before you start defending yourself or things you don’t know. 99% of the time they are not talking about you! People know who their …

Poverty Porn and The Messiah Syndrome

Poverty Porn and The Messiah Syndrome

Let me begin on a funny note. Every time I post a reflective thought on Facebook, “friends” unfriend me en masse. Since I shared my latest thoughts If I was born & grew up in Europe, even as a black person, I’d be scared of Africa & Africans too 20 people (mostly black/African people) have …


Kenya we need to talk!

Dearest Kenya, We need to talk. I have always loved you from the moment we set eyes on each other. It is you I always come back to every year in Africa. I come to you like a baby to suck at your breast for my own nourishment and well-being. You are the unconditional love …

Zielona Gora

Zielona Gora – Love at every sight!

.One of the perks of being an Afropean is the fact that you can travel through 2 continents feeling at home everywhere you go. However being of African heritage, you sometimes need to have a strength of character when travelling to certain parts of Europe. Not because it is different from the other places one …



Unlike many Nigerian/Biafrans, I am old enough to already have been a school going child during the Biafra war 1967-1970. I am old enough to have seen the evil that war caused. After millions died, all the war achieved was to cause years of pain to the innocents. Those who were at the top and …


Going to Africa with my son!

I am writing this somewhere 11000 feet above Egypt as the aircraft is preparing for a brief stop in Hurghada, Egypt. The final destination is Zanzibar and I am travelling with my eldest son. That the two of us could be on our way to a holiday destination in Africa together is evidence that when …

Migori Nightlife

Trouble! Give me some light!

I was really looking forward to the Migori nightlife. So far I have had the time of my life during this trip to Kenya. In spite of the heat and all, I have been on a high dosage of work–travel-work since I arrived. I went out briefly with Aurelia in Mombasa but going out in …

difficult man

I have a reputation for being a difficult

I have this reputation for being a difficult person to understand and to work with/for. I used to worry about that when I was 20 and I was at the university studying for my first degree. Even then I chose not to be popular but truthful. I used to worry about that when I was …

Shut up

People, you all should just shut up!

People, you all should just shut up! You don’t know what you ever are talking about! In America the poor elect the billionaire who made his billions by ripping off the poor. In Britain the people voted for Brexit. Who are they putting their trust in to make Brexit a success? A prime minister who …

Anonymous mask

So you thought you knew me? Think again!

Most of you that know me, know me as the confident, self-assured, tall, sometimes friendly guy who seems to have what it takes to do whatever he wants. Without any self-doubt. I know this because I get told this on a daily basis. Not only by people who are true admirers but even by haters. …


A big headache

Those in the know will tell you making photographic shots of close family members can sometimes cause a big headache. People are less focussed. The shoot always goes past the allotted time. You take extra shots because you want to be sure to make your family members look even better than they are. When that …

The Mask

Everybody is a winner

Photography is like sport. The more you practise the better you get. Sometimes the process of getting to know how the camera works can be tedious. When trying to decipher all the workings and settings of a camera like the state of the art Sony A99, you’ve got your work cut out. It is hard …

the biker

The happy biker

So there I was minding my own business along the Van Brienenoord bridge by the River Maas in Rotterdam. I was there partly to clear my head and partly to video graph the iconic bridge and also test some of the millions of functions on my camera I have never figured out earlier. I was …