The market seller Sirare, Tanzania

Take a good look at the woman in the picture. Can you guess her age? 80 maybe 85 we think. She is a woman who surely has seen a lot in her life. I saw her sitting there selling her product in the open market of Sirare. Her aura was what drew me to her. I am still not sure if I needed what I bought from her but she was just a woman I had to find an excuse to be near! She had a very positive demeanour and when she talked there was a smile dancing around the corner of her eyes. All members of our crew wanted to be on the picture with her. For one moment she was the greatest and the biggest star on the planet. At an age when many would have retired, there she was on the market selling her goods under the scorching Tanzanian sun. She must have see a lot but she still looked extremely bemused that we all were acting like small kids in a candy store around her!